Meet Our Families

Two dads, four sons, one family business. They met on Brunswick’s playing fields and now farm its waters.

Doug’s Family

Doug always loved fishing. His family has been on Mere Point for nearly 90 years, but he was the first fisherman. At 8 years old he took his parents’ Boston whaler out lobstering around the Point and to fish for mackerel, stripers, Pollack. He fished for anything he could catch and took anyone he could rustle up as crew – his mom even sterned for him when he hauled traps. Pretty soon, he was fishing up and down the East Coast and had his own tuna boat by the time he was 24. Somewhere in there he went away to college and then found himself in New York City working for the Associated Press. But, he missed the coast of Maine. When an opportunity came up to return to Maine and take over as the fourth generation owner of the family newspaper, The Times Record, he made the move. Now, Doug is back on the water and shares his love of fishing with his two sons.

Tyler and Cam started fishing with their dad when they were boys. Now, they haul lobster traps together each summer to earn money for school. Cam is finishing up his last year of High School at Carrabassett Valley Academy and will be headed off to study business at Montana State University at Bozeman in the fall. Tyler is a business major at Colorado University Boulder. They each have several of their own experimental shellfish lease sites and will be partners this summer in Mere Point Oyster Company.

Dan’s Family

Farming is not new to Dan. He grew up in Midwest farm country and has continued to have a deep connection to his family’s farming heritage in Michigan. Farming oysters with his two boys is allowing Dan to carry on this deep rooted family heritage, which takes him from the vast Midwest farm fields to the Atlantic Ocean, trading in tractors for boats and vegetable crops for shellfish crops.

Dan made his way to Maine in 1989 after he enlisted in the United States Navy.  Serving in Europe and other parts of the world, as well as, living along the Maine Coast for the last 23 years has instilled a profound amount of respect and passion for Maine’s pristine coastal areas. You might know Dan better as the Marine Resource Office and Harbormaster in Brunswick, Maine. He founded the Maine Shellfish Warden Association, which has active roles on the statewide shellfish advisory panels. Serving as the Brunswick Harbor Master, Dan continues to advocate and help develop Brunswick’s coastal waters management plan, including management of the wild shellfisheries.

Dan is also the guy knee deep in mud helping local High School students plant and seed Maquoit Bay with soft shell clams. And, he keeps a close eye on the health of the wild shellfish in the area as an associate scientist at a local consulting company as well as at his own small environmental monitoring firm. You could say he knows the local waters and its shellfish better than just about anyone else in town. Adding one more thing to his increasing list of tasks, Dan’s now the guy farming oysters with Doug and his own two sons, Derek and Jesse. A motto Dan lives by is, “Its never the wrong time to do the right thing”.

Derek and Jesse have tagged along with their dad ever since they can remember. Over the years the two boys would work side by side with dad, helping with local conservation, reservation, and shellfish propagation projects. When they were old enough, they both got student shellfish licenses and began digging for clams in local waters. Jesse just graduated from Brunswick High School and plans to attend the University of Maine Sea Grant aquaculture training in the summer. Derek attends Roger Williams University with a focus on legal studies and a minor in Marine Biology. Both boys work throughout the summer engineering and constructing oyster gear as well as tending the oyster farms.

Bill’s Family

Helping with the Marketing of Mere Point Oyster Company (MPOC), Bill is a proud partner of Dan and Doug’s, having joined the team in early 2018. Bill brings passion and humor yet little knowledge of farming or aqua-culture and just this year, Bill ate his first oyster and has vowed to (attempt!) to eat just one every year for the next several years.

Bill brings 35+ years of medical device experience which has nothing to do with growing oysters, yet he knows the challenges and rewards of growing a small business. For the first half of his career he worked at Johnson and Johnson, Boston Scientific and Procter and Gamble. Most recently, Bill having served as CEO of several medical start-up companies, has a wide range of experience in global commercialization, market development, branding and all facets of sales and marketing activities.

In the next several years, as Mere point Oyster company begins to commercialize up and down the east coast, Bill will work with the team to identify product positioning, market opportunities, and distribution strategies.

Finally, Bill loves to be on the waters of Casco Bay and has done so for the last 40+ years. Bill’s wife, Heather, grew up in Falmouth Foreside Maine and her family had a summer cottage at Mere Point. Bill and Heather purchased the property back in the early 2000’s and spend a considerable amount of time there throughout the year. Bill and Heather have three children, Hannah, Henry and Herbie, all three live and work in the Boston area and spend a significant amount of time in Maine as well.

With Bill’s commercial background, his love of the waters of Maine, and his promise to learn how to shuck an oyster next year, Bill looks forward to a long and enjoyable journey with MPOC.