Oyster Chowder Recipe

Oyster Chowder Ingredients (Serves 4) 2 dozen oysters ½ c chopped Pancetta or bacon 3 c chopped leeks 2 T fresh thyme 2 russet potatoes cubed 3 bottles of clam juice 3 c half and half or milk 3 T flour Parsley and oyster crackers for serving Directions...

Grilled Oysters Recipe

Grilled Oysters (They pop right open after steaming!) Ingredients Oysters Lemon wedges or Cocktail sauce Directions Place whole oysters on the grill. Wait several minutes until they pop open. Eat them with a squeeze of lemon or cocktail...

Maine Oyster Trail!

Mere Point Oyster Company is proud to be part of The Oyster Trail of Maine! You can read more about it here. Visit the Saturday Brunswick Farmer’s Market at Crystal Spring Farm to try some of our locally-grown oysters.